My Approach To Working With Women Investors

I like to gather pertinent information quickly, so that my women clients have all the data needed to make a decision with confidence -- and not miss a window of opportunity.  The sooner sound investments can be put in place, the greater the likelihood of reaching one’s goals.  Delays caused by insufficient information can be costly, indeed.

Women tend to be more consistent and more conservative investors than men.  Consistency is a definite plus, and conservative investments can certainly be part of an effective plan.  Being aware of these tendencies at the outset helps in the process of working as a team to create a portfolio.

The partnership approach is extremely important.  In my experience, women are not looking to simply delegate investment decisions to others.  But they are very interested in a partnership with their financial advisor.

Given this objective, a great deal relies on the advisor’s communications style.  Surveys of our firm’s clients give me consistently high marks for being willing and able to spend time with them and to explain things in terms they can easily understand.

For me, this style and approach comes naturally, and it makes me comfortable in fulfilling my role as an equal partner in the decision-making process for women – and men.