WhealthCare Planning

Financial planning for future health needs

When it comes to retirement planning, the first question from most clients often goes something like this:  “Will I have enough money to do the things I want throughout my retirement?”

A close second, however, is this:  “What happens if I face health care issues?”

The sequence of these questions is understandable, as clients quickly realize that the ever-rising cost of health care could impede their ability to provide financially for a comfortable retirement.

To address these concerns, we use a process called “whealthcare” planning, the hybrid word that attempts to capture the important relationship between wealth management and health care planning.

We have developed tools to assist us in helping clients manage the whealthcare situation proactively.  At times, this may mean involving other professionals, as well as clients’ family members, to create a sound financial strategy to cope with potential health issues.  This is similar to our processes in other areas of financial planning.

On this page are links to several articles that describe the various aspects of whealthcare planning.  We encourage you to review them and, certainly, to contact us with any questions about this important area of planning.



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